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When it comes to electrical systems, it's important to have the help of trained professionals. At Mechanical Energy Systems, we'll save you time and money by assessing and repairing any problems. We are also able to recognize and correct wiring that may cause complications in the future. Keeping your electrical system running efficiently will save you money on bills, and you can trust that our certified professionals will keep your home safe from fire hazards. 

Electrical Installations, Remodels & Additions

When installing new electrical equipment, remodeling or adding on to your home, it's crucial to consider the functionality, budget and aesthetics that electrical systems affect. With so many options to choose from, you can feel confident that Mechanical Energy Systems professionals will help you make informed decisions that fit your budget for any project.

Electrical Repair & Replacement

Keeping your home electrical system up to code may call for repairs or replacements. We can assess your current needs and recommend the best options moving forward. With safety in mind, we keep our eyes out for potential hazards and ensure your wiring is safe. If you know of an electrical problem in your home, call the professionals at Mechanical Energy Systems to get it repaired or replaced.