The Preferred Customer Membership

Preferred Customer Membership

Worry Less.
You Are Our Priority.

When your equipment has had regular, professional tune-ups it is less likely to break down at in-opportune times, giving you the chance to devote your time to what’s most important to you. As a preferred customer member, you will always be a priority. We want you to know that you are special, and we think you deserve the best treatment from us.

Become a Preferred Customer Today!

You may have a hundred things to worry about in your home. However, with your preferred customer membership, your heating and air conditioning won’t be one of those worries!


Features & Benefits


Cooling & Heating System Tune-Up


5% Off New Equipment


Priority Service


50% Off 1st LB of Refrigerant


24-Hour Emergency Service Discounted
(to our Regular Rate)


Any parts replaced during this agreement will be covered for parts and labor for 3 full years with your continuous enrollment
Without Agreement – 1 Year Warranty


10% Off Service Repairs
Including Plumbing & Electrical Services


It's EZ to Pay

EZ Pay allows you to conveniently pay with an automatic monthly charge to your credit card or debit card. With EZ Pay you do not have to worry about losing coverage when you need it most, and you do not have to remember to renew each year!

Preferred Customer Membership Starting at $18.50!

Furnace & Air Conditioning Tune Up Includes:

  • Check Combustion Tests
  • Check Electrical Wiring Inspections
  • Check Contractor's Inspections
  • Check Testing Capacitors
  • Check Testing Thermostat Operation
  • Check Measuring Refrigerant Pressures
  • Check Testing & Measuring Air Temperatures
  • Check Inspecting Filters
  • Check Flame Sensor Cleaning
  • Check Burner Cleaning
  • Check Drain Line Cleaning
  • Check Part Lubrication
  • Check Thoroughly Cleaning A/C Unit
  • Check Blower Inspection

At the Top is where you belong
and that’s where you’ll be

As a preferred customer member, you will always skip the queue and go to the front of the line. We want you to know that you are special to us and we think you deserve special treatment from us! That’s the truth!